When babies are born, we swaddle them to offer comfort and warmth, and to let them know they are safe. As children grow, we hold their hands to keep them warm, ensure their safety, and provide the comfort of a loving touch. As they shrug us off in the teen years, we tuck a blanket on their laps or around their shoulders at a blustery football game or when they fall asleep on the couch. 

Please join us in supporting Delaware’s children in need through our 2016 Winter Warm Wishes Project. Consider donating infant and child blankets, mittens, and gloves, to keep children warm, safe, and comfortable in this cold season. There are two convenient ways to show your support - Just select one of the convenient ways to donate above.

One of the six child abuse Protective Factors that PCAD uses as a guideline for program and resource development is promoting healthy parent-child relationships by giving children the love and nurturing they need. We hope you will take part in our Warm Wishes Project to give families throughout Delaware the tools they need to build this important connection. 


Support our 2016 Winter Warm Wishes Project Two Ways! 

 1. Personally select items directly from our Amazon Wish List. *Search for PCAD's 2016 Winter Warm Wishes Project Wish List.

2. Make a donation to our Warm Wishes Project.