Wrap-Around Training: Who’s Invited?

Delaware Home Visitors, Health Ambassadors, Help Me Grow Call Center Staff, and Parent Educators

This website offers you information about professional development opportunities for Delaware’s

  • Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (DMIEC-HV) Programs:
    • Early Head Start
    • Healthy Families America (programmatically known as Smart Start)
    • Nurse-Family Partnership
    • Parents as Teachers
  • Health Ambassadors/Promotoras who serve communities with Home Visiting Programs
  • Help me Grow Call Center Staff
  • Parent Educators

Wrap-Around Training: What is it?

What’s wrap-around training? It’s training that supplements the core training provided to staff on the implementation of a particular program model. The thinking is that there are some general topics that staff in each home visiting, health ambassador, and parent education programs will find useful and it will be more efficient to deliver training sessions on those topics to everyone at one time. The added bonus – you get to meet and learn from other professionals who are doing the same kind of work you are! Together you can reflect on your work and support each other as you enhance your expertise.

Why Wrap-Around Training?

 The purpose of the wrap-around training and technical assistance described here is to assure that staff in all of Delaware’s home visiting/health ambassador programs are trained to provide effective, high quality services for families and children to reach the home visiting benchmarks of:

  • reduced child injury, abuse, and neglect
  • reduced domestic violence rates
  • improved maternal and childhood health and development
  • increased school readiness

Sponsored by:

  • Delaware’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program
  • Delaware Health and Social Services
  • Division of Public Health
  • Maternal and Child Health Bureau
  • Funded by Affordable Care Act

Training for Home Visitors, Health Ambassadors, Help Me Grow Call Center Staff, and Parent Educators 

The training sessions offered here are designed to help you develop the competencies you need to serve young children and their families well. You can find a complete list of these competencies at this link:

Summary of Home Visitor Wrap Around Competencies – Aug 2011

Each year, a needs assessment is conducted to determine which training topics/competencies are priorities for the next round of training. 

* Please note date change*

Session 4: Language and Literacy at Limestone Presbyterian Church

will now be held on June 13, 9:30 - 11:30am. 

New this year - Online Training for Home Visitors - click here for information!


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