How You Can Help:

Make a Donation

Prevent Child Abuse Delaware depends upon public donations to continue its work. You can help! Your charitable contributions are tax deductible – and support efforts to help children and families.

Click the donate button to the right to donate online or call (302) 425-7490 our office to make a donation!


On six Saturdays throughout the year PCAD provides training to foster parents and quality childcare to their children. We need people to help provide care to these children. Volunteer all day or for half of the day.

Complete the form or call our office (302) 425-7490 for more information or to help! 

*A current background check (within three years) will be required of all volunteers.

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Get Educated!

Know the warning signs of abuse and report if you suspect abuse! Attend a workshop conducted by Prevent Child Abuse Delaware and learn more about child abuse!

Be a Nurturing Parent

  • Take care of yourself – exercise, read, or do things that energize you and bring you enjoyment.
  • Accept help – no one can do it all on our own!
  • Listen to your child.
  • Encourage your child.
  • Spend time with your child doing things you both enjoy.
  • Use words that help, not hurt.
  • Teach through your actions.
  • Respect your child.
  • Tell your child you love them.
  • Praise your child.
  • Make rules, set limits and always follow through. These things help children feel safe and secure.
  • Give your child chores. This helps them learn responsibility, the importance of working as a team and self confidence.

Support Caregivers

  • Being a parent isn’t easy. Everyone needs help sometimes and you do not need to be an expert to help.
  • Form positive relationships with parents.
  • Be alert to signs of stress.
  • Provide information and support new parents by sharing what you have learned or by distributing information from Prevent Child Abuse Delaware or the Office of Prevention and Early Intervention.
  • Help establish a parent support group.
  • Organize a parent information night at your church, community center or your child’s school or daycare. Contact Prevent Child Abuse Delaware staff for brochures and topic ideas.

Get Involved in Your Community

  • Meet your neighbors –help them if they are in need.
  • Become involved in your child’s school.
  • Volunteer with organizations that provide support to parents and children.
  • Make sure your child’s daycare provider is trained in areas related to child abuse and neglect.
  • Invite speakers to talk about child abuse and ways to prevent it to church, parent, and recreational groups.
  • Spearhead community awareness activities during April, Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Write editorials or work with the media to create awareness.
  • Organize an information night at your church, community center or your child’s school or daycare. Contact Prevent Child Abuse Delaware staff for brochures and topic ideas.
  • Work with your local library, church, or school to establish a resource library focusing on parenting and the prevention of child abuse.

Plan a Fundraiser

Preventing child abuse is everyone’s responsibility. PCAD staff can not do it alone! We need your help! Planning a fundraiser not only supports PCAD’s programs but also helps raise awareness of this very important issue and helps everyone see how critical child abuse prevention is for strengthening society and preventing crime. Plus you’ll feel great knowing you are making a difference!

Some ways you can help:

  • Contact local restaurants to hold PCAD sponsored nights.
  • Host a bake sale.
  • Organize a volunteer event to help in the community.
  • Have a garage sale with proceeds going to PCAD’s prevention programs.