Is someone bullying you online?

Cyberbullying means: texting, tweeting or using Facebook to spread rumors or say mean stuff about someone. Words hurt. Although you may feel the need to defend yourself if you are being cyberbullied, DO NOT RESPOND. That only encourages the bully to keep bullying you.

Is someone sending you mean or threatening text messages? Take action!

  • Call your phone provider and have that number blocked;
  • Do Not Respond (Most bullies just want to make you mad, make you feel bad and see you upset).
  • Speak to someone you trust (a friend, older sibling, parent, counselor, teacher);
  • Document the cyberbullying by taking screen shots, or pictures of the text message, and recording the dates, times and names;
  • Report the bully to the website administrator, to your parents, your school’s Bullying Prevention Coordinator or Assistant Principal, or even the authorities (1-800-220-5414 for the School Crimes and Bullying Hotline). Consider filing harassment charges.