What you can do to prevent bullying

  • Anyone can be a target of bullying. Kids need help when bullied – do not ignore it or chalk it up to typical teen behavior.  Click here for possible signs of bullying.
  • Talk to your students about building each other up, and what it means to be a friend.
  • Have your students design posters about bullying prevention.
  • Design a school-wide bullying prevention pledge and have every student sign the pledge to stop bullying.
  • Conflict and eye to eye peer resolution often re-victimize the target of bullying. Help the target identify what she/he needs to feel safe.
  • Adult supervision is key to preventing bullying. Avoid situations where students are alone in school bathrooms, playgrounds, hallways and locker rooms. Invoke the buddy system when appropriate.

Delaware Department Of Education’s Bullying Prevention Model Policy:

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